Escapade Camp Reboot (hands-on computer class)

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We had our hands-on computer class here at the Escapade on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  It was SOO nice to have the time to present this class properly.  Each time we’ve taught it in the previous year, we’ve had to cut it down to 6 or even 4 hours.  This time we had 12 hours!

Friday afternoon we started with Search, the single most important command in Windows Vista or Windows 7.  After learning how easy it is to find *anything* on their computers several students exclaimed that they had already gotten their money’s worth out of the class!  We asked if anyone already knew this command before coming to class – not one raised their hand.  Now, that really is value.  It makes us feel good to be making such a difference for people using their computers.

We went on to teach the difference between RAM memory and Hard Disk space and they learned how to find out the specifications for their particular computer.  They also learned how to put their laptops to sleep when they close the lid, and how that makes booting up so much faster.  Several people took advantage of learning about the touchpad settings to disable the hotspots that keep making their mouse jump around.

We want power?  We GOT power!

On Saturday we started with Word Processing, and many students were happy to learn that there is a simple word processor that comes with Windows – they don’t need to buy Microsoft Office or even download something like Open Office, if all they need is simple typewriting capabilities.  They learned the difference between Save and Save As, and how to file the document in a folder where it belongs.  They also learned how to explore all the files on their computers and to move them into appropriate folders or even delete files and folders where necessary.  For important files, they learned how to copy them to a USB ‘thumb’ drive for safekeeping – a backup.

Sunday was the time to learn about Wi-Fi and the other ways to connect to the Internet, a little about email and web browsing, and plenty of Q&A time.

Comments we received after the class included:

I learned more in these past couple days than in the past ten years of using a computer.

Everything you taught us seemed so simple and basic, yet I didn’t know any of it!  I was doing everything the hard way.

I feel so empowered now!  I can understand what my kids are saying when they talk about computers.

Making money is certainly necessary, but it’s the comments like those that make us feel so good about our work.

If you’re interested in taking this Computer Boot Camp class, we are offering it one more time this season.  That is at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina, Ohio on September 23 and 24.  Click here to register for the Gypsy Journal Computer Boot Camp.

If you’d like to bring us to your RV park or community to give this class to your group, please contact us.  If you’re in Florida, and you want the class this winter – we’ll be there.


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  1. My Boot Camp was forty years ago. Well I signed up for another one at Nick’s Rally. I just hope you don’t make us Run a mile or two, with our lap tops.

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