209.GM-From Email to GPS Navigation

You know we love our Droids! This ‘touch an address’ feature, we just gotta show you. This is a very short video showing you how to simply touch an address and let your phone take you there!



5 replies on “209.GM-From Email to GPS Navigation”

  1. How did you get that to work. I hav a HTC Thunderbolt. All I could do is cut and paste into Verizon Navigation Not as simple as you showed it!!!!

      • 2.2.1 That maybe why. HTC doesn’t upgrade the software as often as my Motorola did. I’m not particularly happy with this phone, although in 4g areas like i’m in, it’s fast.

  2. I have been thinking hard about getting a smart phone. Your video’s are making it very easy which system (Android or iPhone) to purchase. Thank you Chris!

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