Geeks on Tour Newsletter June 2011: Picasa Tutorials, New Blogger Videos, Change your Time Zone, USB Car Chargers

Geeks on Tour
Classic Amish horse and buggyWe spent the entire month of June at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana.  We participated in two RV Rallies while we were there: the Heartland Owners Rally and RV Fest

Goshen is in the middle of Amish Country.  We took advantage of the good food, gaining a couple of pounds!  We also took advantage of the fine woodworking crafts and had some custom RV Furniture made by FocalWood Products.  We thought our new RV was a palace before!  Now it’s a palace with furniture fit for royalty!  Thank you Gypsy Journal for recommending FocalWood.   Geeks' New Furniture: Amish-madeSee June’s Blog posts for more on Jim and Chris’ adventures.

Name the RV

In last month’s newsletter, we asked for suggestions to name our new motorhome.  Thank you to all who responded!  Suggestions that we especially liked included: Big Boy (since our first RV was Oh Boy), suggested both by Nick Russell and Al Wilson, GOT To Go (GOT=Geeks on Tour) suggested by Judy Gales, and Geek Mobile suggested by Pat Barrow and Barry Keen.  I’m afraid it still remains un-christened however, we just can’t make up our minds!  Here is a link to view all of the suggestions.

Upcoming Tour Dates

We’ll soon be on our way to Vermont  to present seminars at the FMCA NE Area Rally.  In addition to our standard Blogger, Picasa, Facebook, Streets and Trips, and Google Earth seminars, we’ll also be doing a new 2 hour hands-on ‘Editing Digital Photos with Picasa’ class.  The hands-on class is limited to 20 participants and you must register ahead of time at the rally.  The $40 fee includes a USB ‘thumb’ drive with sample photos, tutorial videos and a workbook.

Here’s our schedule for the rest of the summer.

July 21-24: FMCA NE Area Rally (NEAR) Essex Junction, Vermont
Aug 10-13: FMCA Convention Madison, Wisconsin
Aug 28 – Sept 2: Escapade, Gillette, Wyoming with pre-Rally Computer Boot Camp
Sep 23-24 Gypsy Journal pre-Rally Computer Bootcamp, Celina, Ohio
Sep 26-30 Gypsy Journal Gathering, Celina, Ohio

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Geeks on Tour Members’ Forum

Our Q&A Forums are a good place to ask questions (anyone can read the topics, you must be a paid member to ask a question.)  We promise to respond to any questions posted here, and we have several active members who also respond with valuable information as well.  Here are a few topics from the past month.

Picasa Tutorials Website

Geeks on Tour's websiteDid you know ??  … We have a separate website *just* for our Picasa tips.  It’s called Picasa Tutorials, and it contains the full text of every tip that has been sent out via our weekly email Picasa Tip.  Check out the Table of Contents – it’s arranged by topic and includes the full title of each tip.   It’s really pretty impressive!  A tip has been published nearly every week since January of 2006.  And, make sure to sign up for the Tip of the Week to be notified each time a new tip is published.


Updated Blogger Videos

Blogger Logo - Geeks on Tour Tutorial Videos on BloggerBlogger has gone thru many changes in the last year, so we updated several of our Blogger videos accordingly.  Most of the videos in our Blogger Starter Lessons are new.  One of the tutorial videos is on our ‘Featured’ list this month: Blogger Pages for Websites.  “Featured” means that it is temporarily available for viewing by non-members as well as members and it is listed in the right sidebar at

Change your Time Zone

Most computers do not have GPS built in, so, although they physically travel with us, their clock is still set to the previous time zone.  It’s very easy to change!

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Powering your tech devices on the road

Dual USB Car Charger
Dual USB Car Charger

We may still call them cigarette lighters, but we know they’re not used to light cigarettes. I’ve never smoked cigarettes, yet I want as many lighters in the car as I can get! Why? Because they’re power sources for our many electronic devices that we use while traveling down the road.
The problem is that each device (GPS, MP3 player, cellphone etc.) needs its own adapter and we soon run out of cigarette lighters.

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