Powering your tech devices on the road

We may still call them cigarette lighters, but we know they’re not used to light cigarettes. I’ve never smoked cigarettes, yet I want as many lighters in the car as I can get! Why? Because they’re power sources for our many electronic devices that we use while traveling down the road.
The problem is that each device (GPS, MP3 player, cellphone etc.) needs its own adapter and we soon run out of cigarette lighters.

We’ve found a simple and cheap way to make one cigarette lighter power two cellphones with this handy little USB car adapter.

Many small electronic devices these days can get their power from a USB port. Simply plug this device into a lighter, and you now have two USB ports for the standard cables that come with cellphones today. We don’t even remember where we got ours, but you can google for ‘USB car charger’ and find dozens of options, all for under $10.