192.FB-Interacting with your News Feed

Not only can Facebook be your personalized custom newspaper, but you can also interact with it.  You can comment on stories simply by clicking a little ‘comment’ link and typing.  If you have nothing to say, you can still let your friends know you saw it with a simple click of the ‘Like’ link.  This video will show you.

Hover your mouse over the video to see the controls to Pause, Play, Move Play ahead, Volume, and View Full Screen.



2 replies on “192.FB-Interacting with your News Feed”

  1. ok, first post. Just got an iPad and went to your Facebook video tutorials. I get the text but there is no image to click on. I’m using chrome that came installed and am on a wifi connection at work. Do you know what I need to install to get the videos?

    Thnx, Ed Owens

    • Glad you posted Ed. Some of the videos will work on iPad and some won’t. For those that don’t, look for a link below that reads ‘Alternate Link’ or ‘Download’ clicking there should work on iPad. Many of the Facebook videos don’t have that link yet … I’m working on it right now!

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