Clickfree Backup

If you could backup your computers without any fuss, would you do it?

We’ve told you to backup, but do you?

Everyone knows you are supposed to backup your computer.  Backing up your files requires effort and organization.  Right?  You had to know which files to backup and where they were on your hard drive.  Some programs have their own backup utility.  Then, what do you use to hold the backup?  CD? DVD? USB thumb driive? The Cloud?

Yes.  You need to back up in order to recover from a catastrophic loss of data.  Like if your computer crashed or was stolen.  Multiple backups in an offsite location are best.  That is one reason “Cloud” or Internet based backups are popular.

I prefer to make my own backups.  I still archive my important data onto DVD disks and store them offsite.

Backup software has become less of a chore and disk capacities have increased, but you still need to configure the program.

If you can plug it in, you can make your backups

Backing up your important files is so easy now with a Clickfree backup.

Let me show you how.

Unpack the drive and plug it in to the computer.  Some embedded software wants to install on your computer.  It’s OK.  Accept the end user agreement, and you are done.  Within a minute, the program accesses your drive and begins looking for file types associated with data.  It continues on to back up all those files to the Clickfree hard drive.

DSCN9801Fullscreen capture 2272011 114907 AM

Fullscreen capture 2272011 115507 AMFullscreen capture 2272011 14658 PM

That is all there is to it.  At least, that is the way it worked with our computers.

Notice I said “computers.”  Plug the same Clickfree drive into another computer, and the Clickfree will back up the files it finds.  Separately.  Automatically.  Do all the computers in your place.

And, get this.  With our Clickfree C2N, if you have a local network with a router, you can keep the Clickfree device on one computer, and the other computers will find it and back up according to a schedule you set.

Fullscreen capture 312011 12232 PMFullscreen capture 312011 12256 PM 

Subsequent backups take much less time as only the newly changed files are backed up.

Now there is no excuse for not backing up your computers.  You just need to get a Clickfree and plug it in.

We got our unit from our friends at TechnoRV. They they are wonderful folks who have some really cool products at good prices and offer knowledgeable support.

The Clickfree comes in several capacities and prices, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.  Ours is a 640GB C2N.  We really like it.

What about Restoring Files?

We can all agree that Clickfree makes backing up easy, but what about restoring files when you need them?  The Clickfree software has a simple Restore button on the main menu, then you have a choice for Quick Restore – or Advanced Restore.  Quick Restore will restore everything to the original locations.  Advanced Restore allows you to specify which files you want to restore and where you want them.

What if you lost the Clickfree software?  The backed up files are available thru the Windows Explorer as well.  This is something I really like in a backup system. If I have the hard drive, I have my files.  Even if I’ve lost the software somehow along the line.  You can browse the Clickfree drive.


Backup!  Backup!  Backup!

Do it now.  Clickfree makes it easy.

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  1. Amazing! I’m genuinely enjoying the layout of your website. Are you using a custom made template or is this readily available to all individuals? If you don’t want to say the name of it
    out in the public, please be sure to e-mail me at: I’d absolutely love to get my hands on this template! Thanks a lot.

  2. I have a two PC laptops and have just bought an Apple iMac (Lion OS) – will one of these Clickfree Backup systems work or network with both systems.Transferring my Picasa folders onto the Mac has been laborious – but a learning curve!!!

  3. Chris,

    I just got the Clickfree from TechnoRV and backed up files from my three networked computers. It all worked fine and I even did a test restore and that seemed to work OK, too. I backed up to an external hard drive that I have other stuff on and I am sure the backup files went there because the available capacity was reduced by the cumulative size of the backed up files. However, when I look at the hard drive with Explorer (as you said could be done), I don’t see any of those backup files. Why not? I still see the stuff that was already on the hard drive.

  4. I bought ClickFree from TechnoRV at the FMCA rally in Redmond. When we got home I hooked it up to my two desktops and two laptops. Works great. A couple of weeks later my desktop hard drive crashed! I called Phil and he helped me restore my files. Piece of cake! Neat product.

  5. Purchased my Clickfree from TechnoRV at the FMCA Rally in Perry. Received it April 1. Watched it backup the hard drives on both my desktop and laptop. So……..come on CRASH! Just kidding, I don’t really want you to crash. But it’s geat knowing the hard drives are backed up!

    • Bill,
      I hear ya! I feel the same way. No – you certainly don’t want it to crash …but, we should test restore an individual file here and there just to feel confident.

  6. When you say restore puts everything back to the original position, does this mean whatever you put on clickfree is taken off your computer? I hope not.

    • Martha,
      The Clickfree does not delete anything.
      We were referring to restoring backed-up files to a reformatted or clean drive.

    • Is Clickfree “only” to be used on a brand new clean drive and not for adding a bunch of folders back onto my old but good hard drive?

      • Clickfree is meant to backup *all* data files on a computer. We hooked it up to our computers which had years of data on them.

  7. Good article. Thank you. I clicked on the link for TechnoRV and go “Error… nothing found”. Is the link disabled?

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