00.WB-Windows 7 & Vista: Navigating with the Address Bar ‘Breadcrumbs’

Starting with Windows Vista, and continuing in Windows 7, Microsoft added a new way of navigating around with Windows Explorer.  In the address bar, your current location is always displayed, like breadcrumbs along the path.  At each juncture along the path there is a triangle with a drop down list showing you all your choices.  Click a triangle along the path and choose a new location.  Once you get used to it, you will love this elegant method of navigating around your computer. 

This 5 minute video from our Boot Camp class will show you how to navigate using the breadcrumbs, including how to copy files from a DVD and put them into your My Documents folder.


4 replies on “00.WB-Windows 7 & Vista: Navigating with the Address Bar ‘Breadcrumbs’”

  1. Thanks so much for this video. I’ve been using Win 7 for quite a while and wasn’t familiar with this feature. It is a great time saver!!
    Los Gatos, CA

  2. Hi, I have recently purchased Apple Imac and find that their Iphoto software does not do a few things I really miss when I had Picasa on my old Dell with Vista.
    I can’t seem to attach a “file name” for any photos and I’ve tried all methods that were recommended by other users of Apple systems.
    If I download the Picasa for Mac, I’m assuming everything will work the same as it did on my old Dell?
    Also, I find Picasa does not let me reduce the size of a photo manually within Picasa. Am I missing something? Appreciate all your help.

  3. I enjoyed this tutorial, I just received a computer with Vista before Christmas and it is a learning experience but not impossible. I notice the controls at the bottom of the screen when you go to do almost anything and this is the way it is on my computer but I figured it was from the Acrobat reader program, however I see that it isn’t. Oh, well.
    I will have to check this out on my machine and see what you were explaining. Thanks for the info.
    Wilf Blakey
    Kirkland Lake,Ontario, Canada

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