Verizon Mobile Broadband

We’re at the Tampa RV Super Show this week and we spent some time talking to the folks in the Verizon booth.  They are selling the Mi-Fi 3G mobile hotspot device as well as the 4G USB modems. Watch the video to see what they have to say, then click on over to our Forum to discuss it.


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  1. I looked for a way to get more info on the devices and how to sign up for one of the plans, but did not see it. We need such a device, as we are going on an extensive trip this summer across the US into Canada and Alaska, before returning home. I wonder if this would work for us. We were at the Perry FMCA show, but did not talk with the young man you interviewed.

  2. We just added PDAnet to our Samsung Facinate with Verizon and it’s working great! Price is right too!!

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t ask him about tethering on the androids. Seeing how they stopped it with the latest update.


    • Yeah … lots of questions to ask, little time. Android phones come in so many different flavors now. Thethering still works fine on ours, using PDANet. Is that what you’re talking about?

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