Reading Books on your Droid Cellphone


A couple weeks ago I found myself on a flight from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  This was a no frills flight, for meals you had your choice of peanuts or chips, and for entertainment you had your choice of the airline magazine or staring out the window.  I lamented the fact that I did not bring a book along to read, and my Kindle’s battery was dead.

Then I remembered that I had downloaded the Kindle reader app for my Droid cellphone.  I hadn’t used it yet, thinking it was just too small for a comfortable read, but since I had no other choice I fired it up and opened my downloaded copy of Girl with a Dragon Tatoo. and started reading.

Reading on a Cell Phone is Better Than you Think!

It was wonderful!  I increased the size of the text just a little, I could also adjust the brightness.  The book reader takes over the entire screen – no icons, just the text.  Turning the page is a simple swipe of your finger from right to left across the screen.  Reading my eBook took little or no battery power.  After a 5 hour flight, I couldn’t see that the battery life meter had dropped at all.  As with the Kindle, I love that reading an eBook can be done with no hands.  I just laid my phone on the seatback tray and propped it up with the peanut bag so that it was at a good reading angle.  I only needed to use one finger to turn the page as I read.  Here’s a short video showing how to read an eBook on a Droid cellphone:

Using Kindle eBook reader on Droid cell phone

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  1. Thank you Chris for suggesting and helping me install the kindle on my Droid !! Amazing to be able to start reading almost anytime. Most of us are almost never without our phones. The first few pages were a little awkward but now I cannot imagine not having a book at my fingertips, litteraly:-) Again, THANK YOU Geeks, your guys are awesome!!

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