Geeks on Tour Newsletter Nov 2010: Picasa to Facebook, Macintosh Tips

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IMG_9922November was a quiet, family, month.  We were settled in at Paradise Island RV Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  We did do one seminar series at the Lazy Days Rally in Tampa – but the rest of the month was UN-Geeky! The beautiful sunset at the right was from a weekend in the Florida Keys where Chris and her Mom, Marilyn, spent a weekend on a friend’s boat (Thanks Debbie!).

Other Articles this past month

So you don’t miss out on anything, here’s a list of other articles we wrote this past month.

Facebook Pictures from Picasa


More and more people are using Facebook as a way to share pictures with their friends.  If you use Picasa on your computer to manage your pictures, you may find the process of uploading to Facebook a little cumbersome.  There is a long way, and a short way.

The long way is to prepare your photos in Picasa and Export them to a separate folder.  Then, using Facebook’s upload utility, you can select all the photos in that folder.

see Video: #33 Export (Members only)

Facebook Add-in ‘Picasa Uploader

The short way is to download a third party tool called Picasa Uploader.  The purpose of this program is to add a button to the bottom row of buttons in Picasa.  It is a Facebook button and it will work like all the others.  Simply select the photos you want to upload to Facebook, click the facebook button, and follow the prompts.

Here’s the step-by-step: Go to the  Picasa Uploader page, and click on the big button to Install Now.’  Follow the prompts and click ‘Allow’ or ‘Yes’ or ‘Ok’ for any messages that come up.  Shortly you should see the ‘Configure Buttons’ screen.  Click on the Facebook Button and click ‘Add>>


When you click OK, you should see the Facebook button at the bottom of your screen with all the other Picasa buttons.  To get back to that ‘Configure Buttons’ screen in order to add, remove, or rearrange your buttons, click on the Tools menu and ‘Configure buttons.’

So, for example, if you don’t have enough screen room for all of them, you might want to remove the BlogThis! button (I never use that one because it limits me to 4 pictures). To change the order of the buttons, click on a button to move, then click on the Move Up or Move Down button.  To clean up the buttons and return to basic Picasa, click on ‘Reset to Defaults.’

Now you should have a Facebook button at the bottom of your Picasa screen.  To upload photos to Facebook, simply select them and click that button!


The first time you do this, you will need to log in with your Facebook username and password.  Then you should see a screen where you can specify an existing Facebook album, or make a new one.  You can also specify whether the album should be private or public.


The final step is to ‘Approve’ all your photos.  Be sure they are all selected, then click ‘Approve Selected Photos.’


With this great plug-in tool, at least the photo album part of Facebook has become *very* easy.  The Picasa Facebook button takes care of resizing your photos appropriately, it also keeps your Picasa caption and displays it on the Facebook album.  This button works on both Windows and Macintosh versions of Picasa.

New! Macintosh Tips

picture-finderThanks to our friend Ken Wiseman from RVNavigator, the Geeks on Tour Computer Education website now includes some tips for Macintosh Users.  Currently we have:

  1. Viewing Pictures in the Finder
  2. Making .pdf Files

Macintosh Forum

Each tip also has a corresponding post in our Members’ Macintosh Forum.  Anyone can read the posts in these forums but only members can ask a question.  If you want to ask questions and you’re not a member, you can join here.


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  1. I’d really like to see some emphasis on remote internet options that are available. I know there was a session on this a while back but i know there are hotspot solutions from Verizon now that are very appealing. If you could cover this in an article it would be appreciated.

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