Gabbing with the Geeks #9: Meet TechnoRV

In this episode, we introduce you to some other ‘Geeks’ – Phil and Tracey May from  In addition to living on the road and selling cool geek toys at RV rallies, the teenage members of the family, Ally and Josh, are able to manage their schooling by using the Internet and being home-schooled.  Watch the video below and enjoy meeting Phil, Tracey, Ally, Josh, and Murphy!


4 replies on “Gabbing with the Geeks #9: Meet TechnoRV”

  1. What a small world! I met the whole family at the Rally in Loueville, through my granddaughter who attended the youth activities where she meet Josh. They hit it off and last I heard they are still texting each other. Her name is Miranda and lives in San Diego.
    Great Video guys.

  2. Enjoyed that Chris and Jim, I am a great fan of everything you do since meeting you in Minneapolis some years ago. Underscores what we know about RVing. The people you meet are sooooooooo interesting.

  3. This really is a GREAT video! I truly enjoyed the human interest part of getting to ‘meet’ the family and, of course, the ‘technoRV’ products that were highlighted. Well done! Do more. 🙂

  4. Jim and Chris, what a great video! I can tell that TechnoRV will be getting some business from me.

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