Computer Tote-ing Travelers

We RVers like to have our laptop computers with us everywhere we go.  But, how to carry them?  I have watched people walk by on their way to the Wi-Fi hotspot just carrying their computer under their arms, with the power supply and cords dangling from the other hand.  Oooh I’d hate to see them trip. 

Business Computer bag or Beach Tote?

I also know someone who uses a simple canvas beach bag to carry his laptop because he had a computer stolen before.  The one that was stolen was in an obvious, black, computer case.  His canvas bag with the pink beach umbrellas on it is much less likely to be a target for thieves, he says!  I would worry about the lack of padding in that beach bag.

Laptop Sleeves

I  used to carry my laptop in a sleeve – the simple padded case that fits the computer like a sock.  But then, I still had to deal with carrying the power supply and mouse somehow.

Cool Computer Bag

Recently, I was given the cool computer tote bag you see in the photo above.  I love it. It’s the best of all options.  It has padded compartments meant for the computer as well as accessories.  It’s very sturdy, yet doesn’t look like a computer bag.  And, the best part, for me, is how comfortable it is to carry.  The shoulder straps are just the right length for the bag to fit under my arm, and it doesn’t slip off my shoulder!  It is SO aggravating to have a shoulder bag that always feels in danger of slipping off.  This one does not do that, even when I have it heavily weighted down with my full size laptop and all its accessories.

My computer bag was a gift from  I said I’d be happy to write about it if I liked it … and I DO.  The only part I worried about was the price.  From the quality feel of the bag, I assumed it would cost in the $100-200 range – too much for the RVers I know 🙂 
But, check it out at the link above.  It’s only $39.99. 

So, how about you?  How do you carry your computer?