Gabbing with the Geeks #8

Coming to you from Elkhart, Indiana. Last week was the Gypsy Journal Rally and next week is the Escapade. In this video we introduce you to Nick and Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal.
If this video doesn’t play well for you, try the Youtube version.


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  1. I am really confused. I have two computers, one a desktop with several Terabytes of data and a laptop with a few gigabytes. I would like to share the use of Picasa on both platforms. I tried attaching an external drive on the laptop, but it does not have the facenames that I spent many hours generating on my desktop. I want to take a 30 GB subset to a rally to get other people to attach names to the 24000 or so unidentified faces I have. How can I do this?



  2. I just started getting your commentary…What in the world is a tree view? I don’t mind the folders

    • Tree view means displaying the folders in their native ‘nested’ locations rather than spreading them out alphabetically or by date.

  3. Hi,
    I am not able to get the video to play through. It starts then once Jim talks it freezes. (No it is not Jims fault!) Not sure why I have this problem. Is there another way to access the “Gabbing with the Geeks”?

  4. FYI … I clicked on your link above ( to go to the forum and I get a response from my ISP that it cannot be found. I then went to your blog and accessed the forum through that link … which is different than the above link … … although I don’t think it is your new one. Thought you might like to be made aware of this. Enjoy.

  5. I was surprised to hear my name. I think Nick and Terry put on the best rallys of all. I wish I could have attended this one but had a prior conflicting tour of the National Parks with Tracks to Adventure.

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