224.SM-Tethering Droid – our Favorite Internet Connection on the Road *Free

Rather than make you start at the beginning of understanding all the possible ways to connect to the Internet on the Road, we thought we’d cut to the chase and tell you about our favorite method first. You need an Android-based smartphone, and software called PDANet from Junefabrics.com. The video shows you all the details. This was recorded in 2010, but it is still our favorite way to connect.  Also see a more recent video showing PDANet with FoxFi for making your phone a WiFi Hotspot.



5 replies on “224.SM-Tethering Droid – our Favorite Internet Connection on the Road *Free”

  1. Hi Chris and Jim,
    We are about to update our Verizon phones. I want to get a new iPhone. I use mifi now to connect to the Internet, but wonder if I could tether an iPhone to the laptop instead. Also I use the google maps GPS on my droid when we are in the car. Will that also work on an iPhone or will I have to pay a separate fee for GPS? Thanks for all the great videos.

  2. I’m a user of Driod Rzr and FoxFi and PDAnet. So what is a WiFiRanger and how does that work? It sounds like a router that can gets a wifi signal and then makes it available to other devises in your RV . . like Nook, iPad, printer. But can’t you have five entries on your FoxFi Droid Raz???

    Thanks. Always something to learn about!!


    • Hey David!
      PDANet now includes FoxFi! No need to choose. I still find that tethering with a cable is more reliable than the wireless hotspot. I’ll start out in hotspot (FoxFi mode) but, if I have problems, I’ll tether it with a cable and problems solved. Jim doesn’t seem to have the same problems I do, so he is almost always in hotspot mode, that way the WiFiRanger can connect to his and make our own wireless network so we can print, and use other wireless devices like his iPad.

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