Gabbing with the Geeks: Episode 4

July 1, 2010: Two years ago today we started our Membership site!  Greetings from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington Kentucky.

In this video we tell of our stay in Louisville and a visit to Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger baseball bat factory. 

If the high-resolution video below doesn’t work for you, here’s the Youtube version of Episode 4.

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  1. Forgot to mention: If a YouTube link is available, the videos can be viewed Ok. However, you do not have YouTube versions for all.

  2. I would appreciate help.
    I have Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)
    I have the latest Adobe Flash Player.
    My problem is that each time I try to play any of the videos other than the EBook like Gabbing with the Geeks the sound is fine but the videos are streaked,green and not viewable. I have unisntalled the Adobe Flash Player and reinstalled it but the videos still cannot be viewed. Can you please check your web site to see if this problem is from your end?

  3. Another great episode! You both always look like you are having so much fun in your travels.

    Thanks for the mention of WishList Member as well 😉

  4. The audio was somewhat hard to understand. I recomend you have microphones closer to you or clipped on to you.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the ‘good’ video camera does not have an input for a microphone. We have another camera that does – but it is not as controllable. We’ll try the other one next time. Everything is a tradeoff!

  5. Hey, it was great to “see” you again and have you talk to us! I finally got my new computer in May and am still working my way around Windows 7. Also got a new digital camera about a month ago and put it to good use during the past two weeks as we were on a motorhome rally to Frankenmuth, MI. Now I have to get Picasa installed on new computer and have to do some checking to see how I should do it. Do you have any instructions for me? I have your “Beginners Guide to using Picasa 3.5” and the DVD that came with it. Can I just install Picasa with that DVD? Hope to see you again at HTR in January.

  6. Hi you two…I love this idea of talking ‘direct’ to us. Excellent ideas and your info has got me out of many ‘messes’ with Picassa. Have a wonderful holiday….we here in Canada have just finished our celebration.

  7. Just enjoyed this Picasa Chat. Of course, the air card did balk a bit.
    Hello…from Essex Junction, VT…and NEAR! Have thought of you here last year. Chas has been directing the Maestros this week. Returning to TN to be there for the rebuilding of our home. Have a good trip to Oregon.


    • Hello back atcha! Isn’t it early for NEAR? It was in August last year. Oh well – couldn’t make it either way. Have fun and hope it goes well with your house.

  8. That was way coool! We will not be down this week, maybe see y’all next week, if you’re still there….

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