Wi-Fi Radio Frequency ‘Perfect Storm’

WiFiNetNews.com reported on the Apple launch event for the new iPhone 4:

At Apple’s flagship Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote this morning, Steve Jobs had to more or less demand that attendees disable their MiFis and similar devices, because the sheer volume of unique Wi-Fi networks was preventing the proper functioning of the iPhone 4 for demonstration purposes. … 527 Wi-Fi hotspots were in operation in the keynote address, most of them MiFi, and over 1,100 devices connected among those and other shared Wi-Fi networks.

All the people in the audience with their own MiFi devices creating a 5-connection hotspot, is like having 527 radio station transmitting towers in the same room.  That doesn’t happen with radio station towers because that radio frequency is regulated – each station must obtain a license that doesn’t overlap any other station’s license.  Not so with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi which is unregulated.  Even just a few overlapping Wi-Fi hotspots creates RF Interference, let alone 527!

We managed the Wi-Fi hotspot for a busy RV rally in 2005. We learned that all those users in one place created RF Interference with other user devices on one network. We wrote about it in our personal blog.

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Could we have helped Steve Jobs?

Back in 2005, when we realized that a lot of people using a Wi-Fi hotspot created their own RF interference, it never occurred to us that this many people could be using devices that created their own Wi-Fi hotspot!  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Now it’s 2023 and there are concerns that 5G cellular signal can interfere with Radio Frequencies used in Aviation! This one is beyond me, but if you want to read more – here’s an article by our friends at MobileInternetInfo.com – FAA Drama.


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  1. Very interesting article.
    Many people think this stuff is magic, but it is just low-power 2-way radio. RF is short for Radio Frequency.

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