Microsoft Streets and Trips: Printed Directions


We use Streets and Trips on our laptop computer with GPS to navigate while we’re driving, but I know some people that don’t want to do that.  They want to plan their trip, then print out directions to use while on the road.  When we produced our recent series of Tutorial Videos for Streets and Trips, we didn’t cover printing – so here ya go!

Printing Options

With your current route file open and on your screen, simply choose File | Print.  There several different formats from which to choose.  When you click on one of the choices, you will see a thumbnail that shows you what that style looks like:


And, if you click on the button for ‘More Options’, guess what?  You get even more options!  These options deal with how much to print on each page:


I like the strip maps, as shown in the image at the top of this article.  This combines the turn by turn directions with a view of the map with the route drawn in blue.  Very clear and easy.  We probably won’t use it much for ourselves, but it’s good to know in case I want to plan a route for someone else and give them printed directions. Tags:

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  1. Thanks for the tips!

    I have another printing tip to add:

    If you check the “Include summary statistics” checkbox you will also get to see the DISTANCE (miles/kms) between A and B, B and C, C and D etc. This will save you from doing math with the directions pane distances.

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