Gabbing with the Geeks: Episode 1

Here is the first of what we hope will be many episodes of Gabbing with the Geeks.   Leave a comment to tell us what you think!


18 replies on “Gabbing with the Geeks: Episode 1”

  1. Great idea! It is so nice to have real people to learn from. Your tips are so helpful. I wish I had more time to sit at my computer. Will see you in Redmond.

  2. This is great! It feels like you’re right here. I have friends who used skype when their son was in Iraq. I need to look into it for family conversations with “pictures” while we’re on the road. Will you have a video on how to use skype? PS> I tell everyone about Picasa, it is great.

  3. Sorry about that typing error “Gabbing with the Geeks” maybe i need a video on spell checkers.

    Have a great day!

  4. Great idear “Grabbing Geeks on Tour”.

    Thanks for the work with us @ Mass Samboree every one welcomed your internet visit. We hope to repeate the process soon. We had 327 RV’S in Greenfield and look forward to our 40th Samboree May 2011. We presented your DVD information twice during the Samboree Thanks from all of us in Mass Good Sam.

    Keep up the great work !


  5. Just great work folks! We’ve been regular followers since this past Feb when we “bought” in to you (#1008) at the FMCA SEA Rally in Brooksville. We’ll catch up with you again at the Gypsy Journal Rally in August in Elkhart. Be safe in your travels.

  6. That was GREAT! You both sounded natural (no “ums” and “uhs” like I seem to keep adding to videos we do) and appeared to be enjoying yourselves. I liked the web addresses and the picture you added of the kayaking, nice touches.

    Enjoy the open road!

    Keep it up and I look forward to episode #2 🙂

    • Hey Wray,
      Thanks to you and the team at Wishlist Member for all your inspiration! As for our lack of ‘uhs’ … both Jim and I have many years of Toastmasters club speaking experience under our belts. They’ll ring the err’s and uh’s right out of you!

  7. Loved the video chat. Liked the inserts, too. I’ve downloaded Skpe, but haven’t used it yet since none of my friends have it yet. Keep up sending us creative and new approaches to using technology.

  8. What a perfect video! Even with my “old” laptop running Linux, your video came across perfect! Really liked the inserts you put in during your talks.

    Keep it up and I’m looking forward to many more.

  9. I like trying out things you do and say. A couple of years from full time retiring and ready to experience some of the same things. I like the segment.

  10. This is Fantastic!…You guys look and sound great! You look so happy and excited!..Keep it Going for all of us who live the RV life through your eyes!!!

  11. LOVE… LOVE… LOVE your excitement trying new things…Good idea and Great job.

  12. Gotta love ‘Gabbing with the Geeks’
    I think you might have something here…
    goodnite for now-
    all the best on your new career
    as talking head Geek reporters
    It works for me!
    Love to you both

  13. It’s GREAT. Enjoyed seeing you two again and as always you are so professional. Keep it up its a winner.

  14. Lookin’ good! You guys are having too much fun, always coming up with something new and interesting. This adds a real nice personal touch.

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