The Best Wi-Fi in RV Parks

Wouldn’t it be nice for us travelers if we could find a list of parks with *really good* Wi-Fi?  There are lots of directories of RV parks which include information on whether Wi-Fi exists or not – but those of us who use these systems know that the quality varies *greatly.*  Some systems are blazing fast, and some are unusably slow. Then, the really bad news is that, even the blazing fast ones are subject to variation depending on the other users in the park.

Because of all these factors, most of us who travel a lot take our own Internet connection with us, either with a satellite dish or a cellular data card.  The main problems with satellite and cellular is that there are usage limits.  We don’t want to go over our limits with Verizon – I’ve heard of people getting $500+ bills for overages!  So, we keep looking for those parks with the really good Wi-Fi. 

A few good parks

I can think of 3 places this summer where we had really good Wi-Fi.  Here they are:

  1. The Woods RV Park: Montgomery Alabama
  2. Oakwood RV Park: Clearlake, Iowa
  3. The Villages RV Park: at Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, NY

And, there are a couple of other parks that have such stand-out Wi-Fi that friends have exclaimed about them “That’s the best Wi-Fi we’ve ever had!”  And, these friends are other fulltimers who know what they’re talking about.  Those parks are:

  1. Narrows Too: Bar Harbor, Maine
  2. Santa Fe Skies: Santa Fe, New Mexico

What about you.  Where did you find the *best* Wi-Fi Internet connection in your travels?

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  1. On Canyon Lake near New Braunfels Texas. Very good WIFI system throughout the park, DSL Speeds, using Mesh technology. Supported by donations at front desk. Park is member of Passport America, & Coast to Coast.

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