#97 Living the RV Dream

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Oct 272016
#97 Living the RV Dream

Show Notes for Members below Not a member? Join here. This episode covers: Tip o Week: Setting an Alarm Beginner’s Lesson: About RVing! Interview John & Kathy Huggins, LivingTheRVDream.com Interview Eric and Tami Johnson, TechnoRV.com App o week: Ookla Speedtest, OpenSignal, Google Maps Download .pdf (you’ll see a Dropbox login, but you can just close [Click for the rest …]

Technology for Travelers: Geeks Teach at an RV Rally

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Oct 222016
Technology for Travelers: Geeks Teach at an RV Rally

We just spent last week at an RV rally called “Living the RV Dream Gathering.” People from all over the country who travel by RV gathered here to learn, make friends, and have fun. We presented 4 seminars and one day-long smartphone photography workshop. For RVers, we almost always start with the seminar we call [Click for the rest …]

Remember Every Place you Visit with Google Maps

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Sep 282016
Remember Every Place you Visit with Google Maps

By Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com We’re currently visiting the San Francisco Bay area and decided to call up our friends, Rusty and Tony who live in a beautiful houseboat in Sausalito. We were happy to learn they were home and available! When they asked if we needed directions, I said, “No, I have your place marked [Click for the rest …]

Sep 102016
Adding Maps to your Blog Posts, using Screenshots

I really like the daily maps that Google makes of my whereabouts. It’s called my Timeline and it’s all done automatically as long as I have location services turned on. A few days ago, we took a cruise around Manhattan, and I think the timeline map will add a lot to my story. Don’t you [Click for the rest …]

Aug 022016
Travel Planning: The Missing App is RVNotepad!

Travel Planning: The Missing App is RVNotepad! A guest post by Pamela Johnson, the developer of RVNotepad. I asked Pam if she would contribute this article because RVNotepad looks like a great tool for travelers and who knows it better than she who designed it! Thanks Pam!  Planning your trip is both fun and frustrating.  I love [Click for the rest …]

Jul 192016

In the Android version of Google Maps, you have the ability to add a custom stop to your route in order to get directions exactly how you like them. This video shows you how:

Jul 062016
Furkot: A Funny Name for a Great Trip Planner

by Chris Guld  GeeksOnTour.com There is no perfect Trip-Planning system, but that doesn’t stop us from continuing to look for one! Here’s a list of systems we have used: Streets & Trips (we even have a full set of tutorial videos on using this one) RoadTrippers – see article Roadtrippers for Trip Planning RVTripWizard – [Click for the rest …]

Test Your Smartphone Smarts #7

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Jul 062016

Here is the seventh in our series of Review Questions from our “What Does This Button Do?” show. These can’t be graded, but if you want to see the discussion of our answers to these questions, you can click the link provided. The link will take you to the time in the specific episode where [Click for the rest …]

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