Facebook is a free social networking website.  These video lessons will get you started on the right track with using Facebook.  You’ll notice a few videos labeled *FREE, the rest require a Geeks on Tour membership. Click on any video listed below to watch it, then click your back button to return to this page.  We’ve grouped the videos into expandable categories, but if you’re not sure what category you need, there is also a group for All Videos. Also take a look at the Related Articles for further reading.

Getting Started With Facebook

Using Facebook

Facebook Privacy and Security

The information in this video series covers such topics as “Who can see your profile and post”.

All Facebook Tutorial Videos

Related Articles

Additional Information on Facebook is also available in: Free Technology Articles and the Q & A Forum.

You will need a good, fast Internet connection in order to view the videos properly. If you don’t have that, you can order a USB Drive from the Geeks On Tour Store with all “Show Me How” Tutorial Videos and eBooks included.

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  1. Just viewed this series of videos on Facebook. Wow! How I wish I had viewed these a long time ago. I can now see how much I’ve been missing and why it is such a popular tool. Thanks again for your excellent quality!

  2. I am trying to follow your advice on setting things like you have shown on the tutorials. I am working on my iPad. I cannot seem to get the first page-home page to look like yours with the left column, centre columns and right column with the home button at top right.
    Mine seems to show just the centre column with the favourites list showing on the right. Is this all due to the fact I am not wide enough on iPad. Should I do this up on my main computer.

    Pam bond uk

    • It will definitely look different on the iPad. Just one column, then everything else is accessed thru the menu button – the 3 horizontal lines – at the upper left.

  3. How do you delete items and posting you put on your face book?

  4. See ya on FB

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