Blogger Learning Series has been around longer than any other blogging system.  Millions of people use it.  It is owned by Google who keeps improving it all the time.  We’ve never known anyone, regardless of skill level, who has been unable to create a blog/website with Blogger.  It is by far the easiest of all the choices.  You will be able to create your own blog/website after watching just the 10 Starter Lessons.  You need to be a Geeks on Tour Member to view the videos.  Login at the right, or click ‘Join Now.’ Then, check out the complete list of videos – there are nearly 30 of them, and we’ll be making many more.

Blogger Starter Lessons

Click here to to view the videos that will get you started using Blogger.  Watching these 10 essential videos should take about an hour.

All the Blogger Lessons – First 3 Free

We have many more tutorial videos on Blogger. The first 3 are free for anyone – the rest require a membership.  Click on any video listed below to watch it, then click your back button to return to this page. Note: these are *all* the Blogger videos, including the ‘Starter Lessons’ in the series above.


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  1. Trying to load pics from my computer on a new blog – says downloading but does not??? Could not open your instructional video – seemed to download but would not open. Error message.

    Gus Fell – on the road to New England WIT tour.

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