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Nov 042015
Apple IDs and Sync’ing

For Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers, your Apple ID (an email address) provides your identity. Your Apple ID is the key to seeing the contents of your online accounts with Apple – both iTunes/App Store and iCloud. Your Apple ID is kind of like your fingerprint in giving you access to your [Click for the rest …]

Easy Photo Editing with Google Photos

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Oct 012015
Easy Photo Editing with Google Photos

By Chris Guld, Years ago, in 2009, we were guests of Google at their headquarters in Mountain View, California (see our personal blog posts : 11/13/09 post, second post. The joint webinar we did with the Picasa team at Google is still viewable on Youtube it’s called Picasa Basics Webinar. I remember discussing with [Click for the rest …]

 Posted by on October 1, 2015
Oct 012015
Cellular Internet Connections: It’s Not Just the Signal, it’s the Speed

by Chris Guld We travel all over the country in our Motorhome and we depend on our website,, for our living. Internet connections are very important to us and we rely on Verizon thru our Android phones to provide that connection. We also live-stream a smartphone educational show every week. It’s called What [Click for the rest …]

Sep 302015
Evernote Can Receive your Email

If you haven’t heard of Evernote, do yourself a favor and watch our “What Does This Button Do?” show, episode #54. We give an introduction to Evernote starting at 06:49 into the show. Evernote is our Go To place to enter any kind of information we want to keep, remember, find later. That includes a [Click for the rest …]

Sep 292015
These Geeks are On Tour!

In case you’ve wondered what’s the deal with Geeks on Tour. What do they do? Why do they say they’re ‘On Tour?’ Let me give you an example of a week in our life … We get booked to present seminars at RV Rallies, RV Parks, Computer Clubs, Senior Centers, and even people’s homes as [Click for the rest …]

 Posted by on September 29, 2015
Sep 032015
The Future is upon us! Meet Alexa.

I remember watching Star Trek back in the 60’s and marveling at the ability of the Captain and crew to ask questions and get answers from a dis-embodied computer voice. We now are beginning to have that ability thanks to the advances in voice recognition, voice synthesis, and Internet connectivity. It’s not perfect, but it [Click for the rest …]

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