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056.Avoiding Email Scams

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Nov 032007

So much of staying safe online is about educating yourself and avoiding scams. This video includes several tips about how scammers use email and how to recognize and avoid falling in their traps.

 Posted by on November 3, 2007

050.Tabbed Browsing

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Sep 172007

This video lesson covers how to use Tabs in your Web-browser.  The video was recorded when Internet Explorer 7 first came out and covers some of the features.  Although your screen may look different with today’s Internet Explorer – this video still teaches some very useful skills.

098.Web Basics with Firefox

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Sep 162007

Using Firefox to browse the web. Using the Back button, using Tabs, and Setting your home page. Creating a ‘Bookmark’.  Recorded in 2007 for Windows XP and the Firefox Version current at the time.

048.Web Basics Part 2

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Sep 152007

Using Internet Explorer, Navigation with Links, Tabs, and the Back button, Setting your Home Page, and storing your Favorites.  This was recorded with Windows XP and Version 7 of Internet Explorer.  Although your screens and command will look different, the concepts taught in this video are still valuable.

047.Intro to Web Browsing

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Sep 152007

This video lesson explains what the Web *is* and distinguishes it from the Internet.  You will also learn the definition of a ‘Browser’ and ‘Upload’ and ‘Download.’   Recorded with Windows XP, your screen may look a little different but please watch this video anyway!  These are universal Web concepts that everyone needs to understand!

034.My Music

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Mar 142007

This video shows you how to use your My Music folder, including how to ‘Rip’ music from your purchased CDs to your computer.  This was recorded using Windows XP.  The concepts are still the same although the commands have moved a little bit in Windows Vista, 7, and later versions of Windows.

033.My Pictures (XP)

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Mar 132007

This video lesson covers the My Pictures folder. Understand the different ways to view your pictures and how to navigate thru subfolders. This video was recorded with Windows XP. Although the concepts are the same, many commands have changed. See our other videos on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

022.My Documents (XP)

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Mar 122007

This video lesson covers the My Documents folder in Windows XP and how to create subfolders.  Although the concepts are the same, Windows Vista and Windows 7 made many changes to the My Documents folder.  See the Windows 7/Vista Navigating Folders video for additional information.

 Posted by on March 12, 2007

012.Copy and Paste

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Mar 112007

This video lesson is on that most essential of skills – copying!  I use this multiple times every hour.  Everyone needs to know how to copy.  The lesson also covers the related commands of Cut, Paste, and Undo.  This video was recorded using Windows XP, but the commands of Copy and Paste, Cut, and Undo [Click for the rest …]

023.Saving your Work

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Mar 102007

This video lesson is about saving your work.  After writing a letter you need to save.  You’ll learn the difference between Save and Save As … and you’ll learn how to find files you already saved.  This video was recorded using Windows XP, there is another video in the BootCamp series on Saving files in [Click for the rest …]

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