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085.The ‘Aero’ Look and Feel

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Mar 122009

This video lesson explains how both Vista and Windows 7 look different from Windows XP.  It’s called ‘Aero’ and it makes parts of your screen transparent and 3D.  There are some things you need to know about this new look.  This video will explain.

092.Burning CD/DVDs with Windows Vista

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Mar 062009

This tutorial video was recorded using Windows Vista and it shows you how you can use Windows Explorer to burn files to a CD or DVD.  You have your choice of making the disk Read Only, or Read Write.  Watch the video to see how.

10 Rules for Email Netiquette

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Feb 142009
10 Rules for Email Netiquette

My bet is that you didn’t have email when you went to school and learned other types of communication etiquette. Email has become our primary method of communicating these days. Some of the tips below address how to avoid looking like spam. You want your recipient to read the email, not throw it in the [Click for the rest …]

046.Resizing Pictures

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Jan 112009

It’s important to understand the size of your pictures, this video lesson will explain.  When you email, or upload to a Web Album, you usually do not want to send the full size file.  Picasa makes it very easy and automatic to resize on emails or uploads.  The only other way to resize a picture [Click for the rest …]

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