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Jim and Chris Guld are Geeks on Tour. We tour the country in a motorhome and present technology seminars to other travelers along the way. We are Geeks who Teach and we love technology that enhances our lives. Like the free Google Photos for effortlessly keeping the thousands of pictures we take, or Google Maps on our smart phones that we use to navigate, or Blogger, the free site we use to keep our personal travel blog. You can learn how to do all this by watching our Tutorial Videos.

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Do you love seeing your memories in pictures? We think using Google Photos online, and Google’s Picasa software on your computer are by far the easiest way to enjoy your lifetime of photos. There is so much to learn about them that we have a special site LearnGooglePhotos.com offers articles almost every week on tips and tricks for using Google Photos and Picasa.


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Embedding Pictures from Google Photos

Embedding Pictures from Google Photos

I am creating this post to test the ability of embedding photos that are hosted on Google Photos. You see, back when we had Picasa Web Albums, you could select a photo and then there was an option in the sidebar to “Embed” that photo into another website. As I recall, even back with Picasa [Click for the rest …]

Reset Your Cellular Connection

Reset Your Cellular Connection

If you believe your phone is not getting the best signal possible, you can “kick it” and force it to re-acquire its cell signal. This is like hanging up from a phone call with a bad connection. Then call back and you’ll most likely get a better connection. Not always, but often. You could reboot [Click for the rest …]

Test Your Smartphone Smarts #8

Here is the eighth in our series of Review Questions from our “What Does This Button Do?” show. These can’t be graded, but if you want to see the discussion of our answers to these questions, you can click the link provided. The link will take you to the time in the specific episode where [Click for the rest …]

Travel Planning: The Missing App is RVNotepad!

Travel Planning: The Missing App is RVNotepad!

Travel Planning: The Missing App is RVNotepad! A guest post by Pamela Johnson, the developer of RVNotepad. I asked Pam if she would contribute this article because RVNotepad looks like a great tool for travelers and who knows it better than she who designed it! Thanks Pam!  Planning your trip is both fun and frustrating.  I love [Click for the rest …]

#89 Is it Time for a New Smartphone? What Does This Button Do?

This week our beginner’s lesson explores the questions of when the right time is to get a new Smartphone. What are your choices? Why do you want/need a new device? If this page isn’t working for you: #89 Google Plus Event Page #89 on Youtube #89 on Blogger  

Uber for RV Travelers?

Uber for RV Travelers?

By Chris Guld  GeeksOnTour.com Uber is the new age ride-sharing service taking the world by storm. We’ve used it a couple of times. Once when we needed a ride to the airport in Miami, and another time when we wanted to go out on the town and not worry about drinking too much to drive [Click for the rest …]

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