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Jim and Chris Guld are Geeks on Tour, and they like to learn. They’ll teach you about using your technology for fun stuff like photos, maps, and blogs. Technology that is especially useful for travelers, but for anyone who likes smartphones, photos, and maps! If this is your first time here, we suggest browsing:

We tour the country in a motorhome and present technology seminars to other travelers along the way. We are Geeks who Teach and we love technology that enhances our lives. Like the free Google Photos for effortlessly keeping the thousands of pictures we take, or Google Maps on our smart phones that we use to navigate, or Blogger, the free site we use to keep our personal travel blog. You can learn how to do all this by watching our Tutorial Videos.

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Do you love seeing your memories in pictures? We think using Google Photos online, and Google’s Picasa software on your computer are by far the easiest way to enjoy your lifetime of photos. There is so much to learn about them that we have a special site LearnGooglePhotos.com offers articles almost every week on tips and tricks for using Google Photos and Picasa.

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Print Photos, Pick up in an Hour

Print Photos, Pick up in an Hour

If you want to get prints of your photos, and you don’t want them mailed home when you’re on the road, Walgreens has your answer.  It’s an App called Printicular and it allows you to select photos from your phone, OR from Google+, Instagram,  Facebook, Dropbox, Google Photos, or Flickr. It’s the only app I’ve [Click for the rest …]

Technology for Travelers: Geeks Teach at an RV Rally

Technology for Travelers: Geeks Teach at an RV Rally

We just spent last week at an RV rally called “Living the RV Dream Gathering.” People from all over the country who travel by RV gathered here to learn, make friends, and have fun. We presented 4 seminars and one day-long smartphone photography workshop. For RVers, we almost always start with the seminar we call [Click for the rest …]

Embedding Slideshows in Websites

RIP – Picasa Web Albums! A very popular feature of the now retired website called Picasa Web Albums was a super simple way to make a slideshow of your pictures and embed that on a Blog post or any web page. You could let people see all 35 of your best pictures without taking up [Click for the rest …]

Test your Smartphone Smarts #10

Here is the tenth in our series of Review Questions from our “What Does This Button Do?” show. These can’t be graded, but if you want to see the discussion of our answers to these questions, you can click the link provided. The link will take you to the time in the specific episode where [Click for the rest …]

Remember Every Place you Visit with Google Maps

Remember Every Place you Visit with Google Maps

By Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com We’re currently visiting the San Francisco Bay area and decided to call up our friends, Rusty and Tony who live in a beautiful houseboat in Sausalito. We were happy to learn they were home and available! When they asked if we needed directions, I said, “No, I have your place marked [Click for the rest …]

Audible Books are Great for Drive Time

Audible Books are Great for Drive Time

Listening to books being read to you is such a great way to pass the time when you have long drives. I remember buying cassette tapes,  then CDs to listen to “books on tape” over the years. Now all you need is an App on your phone and a way to get the sound to [Click for the rest …]

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